What is your photographer taking photographs of?

As I visit the hundreds upon hundreds of vendors at bridal shows every year so that I can be in tune with what is out there for my brides and grooms and party planners, it always amazes me how different they are from each other. And not just the people, but their vision. They all take pictures differently. They all see something different as they scour the room for the best photo. So how do you know which one to choose?

ANSWER: Look at their work! Are they capturing the things you would want captured at your wedding? Are they seeing everything you would want memorialized? Is the quality what you would expect it to be to memorialize the most important day of your life?

There are so many skill sets that I couldn’t even capture them all in one blog post, but the one that I want you to be aware of is the photographs themselves and what is ‘in’ them.

There will be times that you will be browsing through the photographs of a professional photographer that are all brilliant color and all the photographs are of the wedding party and few are of their guests. Most will get a photo of the cake, the flowers and the rings. And some, few I find, take the time to photograph the vision! The dream! That which you have spent months, if not years, putting together for this one very special day.

Now, I always tell brides, whether I work with them or not, that their focus needs to be mainly on the marriage, not so much on the wedding details. However, from a newlywed perspective, I made sure that my photographer went from my house to the venue to get photographs of the ‘vision’ that I dreamed up, that I planned, that I shopped for, and that I spent thousands of dollars on, because I want to remember that too.

I wanted pictures of the crystal angels hanging from the chandeliers that were gently placed there by my friends;

the lil snowmen cake toppers my husband and I picked out together; the tiers of cupcakes that my other niece made and decorated at the age of 16;

the Red Sox cake that my niece made for my husband’s groom’s cake; the Red Sox garter that was a surprise for my husband;

my Christmas village that I have painstakingly collected for years and years, now displayed in front of the head tables; the crafted table numbers that me and my girlfriends spent hours creating together;

or my grandmother’s blue handkerchief my mom shared with me for my something blue, so my grandmother would be remembered on my wedding day.

Brides WILL dream the dream and they WILL want to remember ALL of it, including the details AND their incredible family and friends that shared it with them.  So please remember to tell your photographer not to discount the ‘things’ as just things, as they too carry many memories.

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