What Does 20/20 Know About the Wedding Industry

If you are planning your wedding, you have likely seen the 20/20 pieces with Elizabeth Fargas regarding the wedding industry. Well, she means well. But if you notice, she spoke to few of the thousands upon thousands of industry professionals in the world. Hardly something you can hang your hat on.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not necessarily disagreeing with her commentary. It is actually pretty much the norm when it comes to wedding professionals charging more for weddings than parties. I know I do! Is she kidding? Have you been to a wedding? And have you been to a party? Have YOU noticed any differences between the two?!

Now I do realize that some parties have all the bells and whistles. For example, I recently planned and hosted a party for a client on New Year’s Eve for 125 of his guests. And for those big bang parties, the clients are often charged the ‘wedding’ price. In fact, once I started describing the bells and whistles to my venue coordinator, she upped her price $2000 … some for the fact that it was on a holiday and they are regularly closed on Mondays, and the rest was their ‘wedding’ price due to the high volume of vendors, décor and props, on top of the fact that liability becomes an issue.

You see, parties are normally just that … a party. You show up, you eat, you drink, you dance, you have an all-around good time. There are minimal pieces to the party puzzle. A planner is helpful to have around to take care of directing vendors, set up and to be there should anything go wrong or to get you anything you need throughout the event. But generally, the vendors just show up and do their thing. There are minimal announcements or schedules to address.

What people don’t seem to realize is that weddings are completely unique in the industry! For example, if one were to order flowers for a party centerpiece, one would likely just order them and pick those flowers up day of and that would be that. Now if a Bride were to order flowers for her wedding centerpieces, you can bet there will be changes, additions and extras along the way, besides the fact that the bride will likely meet with the florist at least two or three more times before the wedding! Plus, they are delivered. They have to be perfect! And there are way more emotions involved than just your run of the mill birthday party. But you can’t say that about your clients on National television!

And your DJ or band leader is no longer just that, they your Emcee for the evening! They have to maintain a schedule of events throughout the wedding that need to not only be announced to your guests, but need to be coordinated with other vendors and fit in just the right place at your wedding. You would not want your DJ or band leader to disrupt a special dance you are sharing with your great-grandpa or your new father-in-law. Your DJ has to be on his/her toes the whole evening to ensure your guests know what is happening and when. It is no easy task to get it all done in the time allotted for your special reception.

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Then there is your photographer. Their job is endless at a wedding. In the time allotted, they have to accommodate every photograph you want taken of the wedding party and of the reception, as well as the ‘party’ pictures of everyone having a great time. In addition, they have to be cognizant of the DJ’s announcements so that they are present for such things as the garter toss or the cake cutting. The vendors need to be working together to get it done properly and in a timely manner. And if you had any idea what a photographer has to do AFTER the wedding to produce those priceless memories! There are hours upon hours spent getting you the perfect selection for your book of memories.

And on top of all of that, you have the emotions of the bride, the groom, their parents, as well as their friends and family to contend with. It is likely one of the most high stress days of a bride and grooms’ lives and those emotions can be easily set off with the slightest mishap and that is the last thing any wedding vendor would ever want to see happen to you on your most important day. And that makes it more high stress for anyone involved in a wedding, from the Wedding Planner to the Officiate to the Caterer. But know that we are all there to do our best to make this the best day of your life.

There are a lot of pieces that need to be connected in order to make it your perfect day. It is NOT just a party. It is so much more significant than that. Does a wedding cost more? Yes! Is it worth every penny? I can assure you! It is truly an investment in your future. Invest in professionals. You will be glad you did!

And, if you want some assistance along the way to avoid getting ‘ripped off’, we would be happy to help … and maybe even get you some discounts along the way!

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