Weddings & Special Events – Imagine … he has popped the question … you are elated … what could be better than the thought of someone expressing their desire to spend the rest of his life with you! Nothing could be more flattering to a woman! You rest on cloud nine for a week or so in an elated state. And then, it hits you … oh my gosh, there is so much to do to bring my dream to life!! So you round up your mom and your girls and the planning begins!

It is most girls dream to plan their wedding day … what could be more fun?! White flowing dresses … shimmery jewelry … beautiful shoes … aromatic flowers …

But wait, that’s MOM’s vision of what a wedding looks like … what if that’s NOT your vision?? And the compromising begins. Or the arguing pursues. Depending on the scenario.

With so many visions being laid on you … your mom’s, your fiance’s, your girlfriends … plus maybe going to school, working two jobs to make ends meet, raising a couple kids, trying to have a social life … where do you find the time to plan a wedding?! Heck, where do you find the money?! And the stress begins.

Who is listening to you? Who’s got your back 100%? Who can save you money along the way? Who can cut the planning time in half? Uh, that would be me! You may not think you can afford a wedding planner, but truly, you cannot afford not to have a wedding planner! You do not have to go it alone. You do not have to ask your family or friends to take on overwhelming responsibilities. You do not have to risk any of you ‘working’ your wedding day. Allow yourself to focus on what it means to be married to the man that has asked for your hand and keep your focus on that relationship. Share your vision with me and I will help you bring it to life! I will walk through every stage of the timeline with you and your fiance to make sure your vision is achieved. And on your budget!

Have money to spend and the time to spare, but don’t know the first thing about planning a wedding? I’m your girl! Together we will explore the finer things in life to ensure all your dreams come true. I have my finger on the pulse of the wedding industry and can lead you through it effortlessly.

Get what you want and leave the details to the professionals. That will allow you to ‘enjoy’ your big day! And isn’t that what the perfect day looks like?

We provide wedding services to compliment a variety of needs, desires, budgets and styles. And we customize our packages to suit you specifically. Some of the things we can do for you are…


  • Complimentary Initial Consultation
  • One client planning consultation
  • Provide local vendor listing
  • Attend Bridal Show/Wedding Expo
  • Provide vendor recommendations
  • Provide Timeline Checklist
  • Client meeting re entertainment, design and suggestions
  • Telephone and email support throughout
  • Review Vendor Contracts
  • Confirmation contact with all vendors

Final client meeting to confirm needs are being met


  • Complimentary Initial Consultation
  • Client planning consultation
  • Provide local vendor listing
  • Provide Timeline Checklist
  • Telephone and email support throughout
  • Attend vendor meetings
  • Prepare retained Vendor contact database
  • Review Vendor Contracts
  • Customize Event Itinerary
  • Coordinate Transportation
  • Client meeting re entertainment, design and suggestions
  • Payments and gratuity due vendors
  • Confirmation contact with all vendors
  • Assist with hotel welcome bag/basket assembly
  • Distribution of welcome bag/baskets to hotel
  • Coordinate pre-event activities (rehearsal/dinner)
  • Client meeting to confirm needs are being met
  • Manage vendor deliveries/set up
  • Manage on site production
  • Attend/Coordinate/Manage Event(s) day of


  • Complimentary Initial Consultation
  • Follow-up Consultations throughout
  • Provide local vendor listing
  • Assist with Vendor and Venue Research
  • Vendor/Venue meeting scheduling
  • Assist with Vendor and Venue Selection
  • Attend Vendor and Venue Meetings
  • Liaison between clients and vendors
  • Provide Timeline Checklist
  • Prepare Budget Database
  • Inspire design style, theme, colors, etc.
  • Assist in obtaining desired décor items
  • Retrieve RSVP calls/emails
  • Maintain Guest List Database
  • Assist with Stationary design, creation and mailing
  • Prepare address/return address labels
  • Assist clients with pre-parties (shower/bachelorette/bachelor)
  • Prepare Rehearsal Dinner Guest List
  • Reserve hotel block for out-of-town guests
  • Prepare wedding party duty assignment list
  • Assist with Menu(s) (Food / Bar / Specialty Drink(s))
  • Prepare Song List database (for DJ)
  • Prepare Photograph List database (for Photographer)
  • Prepare Transport Vehicle assignment database (for wedding party)
  • Confer with retained vendors
  • Prepare Venue Inventory database
  • Schedule and attend food tastings (venue/bakery)
  • Prepare Menu (incl. Specialty Drink)
  • Prepare Introductions database (for Emcee or MC)
  • Transport ceremony and reception inventory to site(s)
  • Prepare Complete Itinerary (week of)
  • Assist with hotel welcome gift bags/baskets
  • Deliver welcome gift bags/baskets
  • Attend/Coordinate/Manage Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner
  • Attend/Coordinate/Manage Client preparation and photographs
  • Attend/Coordinate/Manage Event(s)

NOTE ~ Music Management Packages are additional and options

Custom pricing for full-service planning is individualized to client needs.

Custom Packages are available upon request.

References are available upon request.

**See our ‘Packages’ page for further details.**

Call me, Julie Baker, IWEP at Jazzed Events LLC now to schedule your complimentary one-hour consultation and see how you can get professional services and save money at the same time! In addition, we will fill you in on our current promotions and custom options available. Not everyone becomes a client, but no one has ever walked away regretting their time spent. Everyone will walk away with information they did not have beforehand. Call me TODAY ~ 518-491-1383. I promise, you will be glad you did!

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