To Bling or Not to Bling … that is the question!

You got engaged on Valentine’s day, like hundreds of other brides-to-be around the world. The heart flutters, the smile is unending and the world has been advised via the internet. And now, the planning begins! What will it look like? Visions of shimmer and elegance or rustic earth tones dance through your head. To bling or not to bling … you can almost see exactly how you would imagine it.

As the process begins, remember to breath. It can get overwhelming as you consider how many steps it takes to plan a wedding. Eventually, you will begin to wonder who will help you keep your sanity during the process. Will we be able to keep it together should we come upon any obstacles? These are valid concerns.

My advice? Plan for high stress levels not only throughout the process, but mostly the last week before the big day. Emotions will run high … not only for the bride and groom, but for their parents, friends and family as they aim for perfection for the loving couple. Have a back up plan for most of your final steps should something fall short of your expectations. Do your best to be done with everything at least two weeks prior to the wedding day so that will allow you to breath, which will help with handling the unforeseen issues that tend to arise in those last days.

Be sure someone is assigned for each of the last week’s tasks, like confirming the vendors timing; making any and all final payments to the vendors; determine who will transport your inventory to the church and/or reception hall; delegate who will arrive at the ceremony venue prior to the bride’s arrival to ensure everything is in place; does the band/dj have their specific instructions and music requests confirmed; did the photograph list get to the photographer; who will make travel arrangements and confirm transportation for the wedding party, including parents and grandparents, to the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, the ceremony and the reception; who will breakdown and pack up your inventory after the ceremony; and so many other little details that tend to be forgotten and left to the bride and groom to manage at the last minute.

Try to think of all the little details that will need to be addressed those last days so that you can simply enjoy your loved ones throughout! You do not want to have to be dealing with these little details on your special day. Remember, the end result is the marriage, not the wedding, so keep you eyes on the prize and don’t sweat the small stuff!

And should you not want to worry about any of it, you know who to call! ;O) Have a blessed day!

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