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Our mission is to be a resource for hard-working men and women that wish to get twice as much done in half the time with less pressure and be successful in achieving their desired outcome with excellence, by allowing them to keep their focus on their expected result while we take care of the details it will take to get them there.

How to get to the ‘finish line’ with low stress and incredible memories

I have been where you are … planning the wedding day or corporate event. I worked for several law firms and a non-profit organization, for whom I’ve done much planning while allowing my daily tasks and desired focus to fall by the wayside. In planning my daughters wedding, I found out why wedding planners exist and why they do what they do. NO ONE should have to go through what my daughter went through the final week of her wedding while I was off running around handling the last minute details and putting out fires. That ignited a fire in me!

My mission became a push to prevent other brides and mothers-of-brides and maids-of-honors and employees from having to take their focus off the important things, by taking care of the details it will take to get them there!

Your event will not be an experiment. It will be managed by professionals. When something goes awry, we’ll be there! We take care of the details so that your mom, maid-of-honor, family, friends and employees have time to take care of you or your business. You may have people close to you manning the helm, but you will still stress about whether it will get done your way without other balls dropping.

Think of how you want your day to be remembered. Now, think of what it is going to take to get you to that desired memory. Do you, your family, your friends or your employees have the time and resources to get it done, on time, with low stress and with excellence? Are you willing to risk the final outcome of your wedding or event to someone practicing? Don’t let your day be the one that provides the mistakes others learn from!

Every moment in life is a moment to celebrate! Don’t miss a moment!

Give yourself permission to take the pressure off all of them! It is your choice. Choose to lay the responsibility on a neutral party, a professional, that you can vent to, boss around, share your high expectations with and achieve excellence. Allow yourself to move through the planning process with low stress and a plan to enjoy your guests!

Jazzed Events LLC is your wedding and event professional … here to serve you, get the job done, achieve your desired outcome and leave you with memorable moments!

You can rest easy while we bring your vision to life!

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